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Wherever I May Roam

Roamer, wanderer, nomad, vagabond, call me what you will.

– Wherever I May Roam – Metallica

The next 8 weeks are going to be some of the busiest travel weeks of my life!  In airport codes this means:


You know you are traveling too much when you think about your destinations in airport codes and communicate them the same way.

Here are three road warrior travel tips I have for you:

  1. Create your playlist(s). – Make the ultimate play list or maybe even a few. I have play lists for above 30,000 feet (seriously), writing for complexity, writing with attitude, reminiscing (I’m a sucker, a softy, some have even called me a stale twinky – hard on the outside and soft in the middle), chilling, falling asleep, calming and of course my road warrior playlist. Create a few lists to set the mood or the ‘tude!
  2. Don’t unpack. – I don’t understand how people unpack and put all of their belongings so sweetly into hotel room drawers and cubby spaces. Hang up stuff that needs to be hung up, keep your foldies folded in your suitcase and move your clean up stuff to the bathroom. This means only three places to grab stuff from when you leave. Crisp, clean – FAST! Oh and if you are going for a long time – get your stuff cleaned before you go home so you just need to hang everything right back up when you return.
  3. Get the hell out of the building. – It doesn’t matter where you are, whether it be a conference, a hotel, an office, just GET OUT of there and INTO a non work place. Go for a walk at least. Find an off the beaten track place to eat. Check out some amazing music. If you are ever short of “me time” this is it, so do something different or something you enjoy, but get out of the airport – hotel – office – hotel – airport routine STAT!

Till then I leave you with my favorite traveling theme song! Turn it up LOUD!


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