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Heineken’s Positive Travel Disruption, Wearable Tech & FUNDING!

What a great show this week!  My co-host this week is funding and tax credit guru, Elizabeth Lance, CEO of the Ingenuity Group 

We talked about Heineken’s great positive travel disruption, wearable technology and the latest technology, funding, tax credits and more!  If you are a company that has technology (everyone) or a technology company looking to raise funds or get tax breaks, listen in.

Hot Biz Topics in this episode:

  • Tech trends! Content, 3D Printing, Wearable Technology OOH LA LA we check out Neurowear and some very cool extensions of your body that will automatically (sans filter, no censoring) Tune in at 6:55!
  • Heineken makes my TRAVEL DREAMS COME TRUE! Disruption at it’s finest at the 11:25 mark we’ll share more! 
  • Yes you can get funding, Canadians Listen in!  There are amazing tax credits and program to help fund and grow your business  Listen in at 13:39!

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