What They Say

I am so grateful to all of my past clients, partners & co-workers! Don’t take my word for it, see what they have to say about my work!

Anastasia showed great patience, perseverance and skill in gradually untangling our offering and positioning and developing a voice and presence for the company.

I worked with Anastasia for a year when she was Director of Marketing at Datacratic. She took over marketing for a diverse and technology focused product line based upon a grand vision that we had trouble describing even to employees; it was not an easy job.

She is hard working, knowledgeable technically and good at organizing information. Her accomplishments were substantial; she managed outreach to an open source community, co-marketing with a Fortune 100 company, webinars, content creation, image, voice, PR outreach and everything in between.

More importantly she overcame distance and language barriers to become a highly valued member of the team and a strong contributor to our success. I would love to work with her again.

Jeremy Barnes, Founder & CEO Datacratic

Anastasia is one of the most dynamic, enthusiastic, dedicated and insightful people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

She’s great at understanding business needs and developing and delivering marketing strategies and tactics that support those needs. She’s great to work with.

Kostas Zaphiropoulos Creative Director

Insightful and inspiring thought-leader… Powerful and passionate speaker. It is a delight to learn from and interact with Anastasia.

Anastasia is an insightful and inspiring thought-leader. Her energy for solving problems and coming up with win-win solutions to serve consumers and build relationships is exhilarating. At the Women In Business Network conference 2012 Anastasia was a powerful and passionate speaker. It is a delight to learn from and interact with Anastasia.Everywhere she goes she shines a light of creativity and transformation.

Colleen Madden
Managing Director

Very professional, full of excellent advice and fun to work with.

It was an amazing experience to work with Anastasia and her team at SandBox. Not only did they give me a professional look to my website with their audit, but they helped me to promote my business in better way and to make it more attractive to potential clients. They delivered what they promised on time. They were very professional, full of excellent advice and fun to work with. I definitely recommend SandBox  services.

Frederic Sune, CEO
IT In Mind

Thank you, Anastasia… It was informative, practical and fun!

Thank you Anastasia for the wonderful Product Creation Workshop. It was informative, practical and fun! You gave such valuable tips during the week that I will be implementing for my new business. I enjoyed the question & answer period as different participants asked such wonderful questions. Keep up the wonderful work!

Dora Dalietos

Her insights were always right on the money… I heartily recommend Anastasia

Anastasia’s Product Creation Workshop is packed with valuable information. Its focus is a little different from other marketing courses I’ve taken, and I picked up several juicy nuggets of new information. The program got me to thoroughly think through what I am selling, from concept all the way to delivery. Best of all, Anastasia answered specific questions that I had, quickly zeroing in on the heart of the issue. She was extremely generous in sharing her time and her wisdom, and her insights were always right on the money. She was able to give me a fresh perspective on my business. I heartily recommend Anastasia and her program to anyone who is trying to take any kind of product or service to market.

Julie Waterhouse

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to take it to the next level, you need Anastasia in your corner.

“Working with Anastasia has given me laser sharp focused clarity on how to take my business to the next level.  My goals were like an upside down map, I knew where I needed to go, but on my own the directions were difficult to read and felt like I was going around in circles. In a short amount of time, she has helped me create actionable, bite-size goals – mapped out for the year, while keeping my big goal vision as the beacon. Her tremendous whip smarts, keen intuition and business savvy is the killer trifecta that is my secret to world domination. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to take it to the next level, you need Anastasia in your corner.

Julie Kim McMahon

CEO, 12 East FF Corp. & Business Coaching

She helped bolster my confidence and showed me how to make my vision a reality. She’s amazing!

“Anastasia takes what could be a daunting or painful process and makes it fun and easy to understand. She helped me get clear on where my customers are coming from and how I can maximize my efforts to bring in more income. She encouraged me to explore new profit streams that weren’t on my radar, and we mapped out a plan for when I will roll out new programs and products, so I can continue to expand my offerings in a way that works with my schedule. Working with Anastasia is like having a smarter, more business-savvy partner on your side (and who doesn’t need that?). She helped bolster my confidence and showed me how to make my vision a reality. She’s amazing!

Amy Scott, founder

Anastasia quickly became an invaluable asset to the team.

You can count on Anastasia’s commitment to excellence, attention to detail and creative thinking to get the job done right. Taking on the responsibility of developing, measuring and optimizing large scale search engine marketing campaigns for Canada Post, Anastasia quickly became an invaluable asset to the team. I would recommend Anastasia to anybody seeking an experienced, dynamic, results-oriented marketer.

Sophie DeLadurantaye
Product Manager Canada Post

[I] would recommend her services to any company seeking a marketer who can make an immediate impact.

I was delighted to work with Anastasia while she was on assignment at Canada Post. Anastasia has a passion for creative marketing and a drive for results. Her positive attitude is contagious making her a welcome part of any team. I have enjoyed working with Anastasia and would recommend her services to any company seeking a marketer who can make an immediate impact.

Brian Bourque
Web Analyst Canada Post

Her knowledge and track record combined with her moxy made for a memorable talk that left everyone inspired.

“Anastasia is a confident and entertaining speaker. She created an interactive experience for over 150 attendees that kept them engaged during and long after the conference.  Her knowledge and track record combined with her moxy made for a memorable talk that left everyone inspired.

Fay Chapple, Founder
The Clarity Centre

Within an hour… I had a launch plan that I can easily implement.

“Within an hour of talking with Anastasia, I had a launch plan that I can easily implement. Her knowledge and expertise answered a lot of my questions and left me feeling “Wow, I can really do this.” I will definitely schedule another session when I am ready to launch another service.”

Brenda Coleman

Funny, gifted and smart

Anastasia is funny, gifted and smart.  What she gives you is insight – slicing and dicing through your mountain of ideas, making them manageable tasks – taking away the overwhelming factor of where to start and getting you, well, started!   More than started, getting a fire lit under you to start running towards your dreams with the action plan to make them come true.”

Patty White

Anastasia Valentine IS the real deal.

Her Smile. Her Laugh. And, then she speaks. Magic happens! Thought-provoking, entertaining & captivating. Anastasia Valentine IS the real deal. Can’t wait to have her back again to speak at our next Live Event. You nailed it Girl!

Tina Yelle – Founder
The Fuchsia Factory Inc.

Incredible talent and [a] great sense of fun.

Anastasia simply gets it. She has incredible talent and has a great sense of fun. I was at an exciting crossroads in my life and with my future career plans. I met with Anastasia and with her perfectly positioned questions, she helped me voice an idea for a new business that fit with my love of charity and my love of travel.  She understands business and people’s motivations.  I highly recommend her.

Stephanie MacGregor
Founder, Impact Tours

Anastasia provided clear, concise information that I could easily act on.

An opportunity to hear Anastasia speak is an opportunity to learn useful and practical information that can be applied to your business.  Anastasia provided clear, concise information that I could easily act on.

Karen Wilson – Partner
Wellman Wilson Consulting

I have measurable outcomes… I am more motivated than ever

I wanted to let you know that I have  measurable outcomes from our our strategy session. I have changed the direction of my discussions with  and already have possible training and development contracts in the future. I am more motivated than ever.  It will just get better from here. Thanks so much.

Dr. Linda Manning  – Director
Leadership Mosaic

Personable, On Time, Creative

Anastasia is an active and enthusiastic professional that brings up ideas to vivid life with humor and insight. She has an integrity and a focus on quality that is very much appreciated and that makes her a real pleasure to work with. Thanks to her patience and valuable inputs that provided a space for inspiration and growth. Would work with her anytime!

Phonesavanh Thongsouksanouman – CEO
Be Interactive

Focused and Articulate

To me Anastasia resonates with energy and endless ideas. Combined with efficiency and solution oriented, it makes it perfect for a great delivery.

Sophie Tremblay

Great Results, Personable, Creative

Anastasia was a delight to work with on the redesign of my web site, Facebook page and Twitter id. She worked with me to understand what I envisioned for my author web site and came up with wonderfully creative ways to deliver on and improve it! We worked well together as we went back and forth to get things just right. I am getting raves for my new look and logo and have never had so many new Twitter followers so quickly. I am confident that this will drive more book sales and more awareness of dog rescue. I would hire Anastasia again in a heartbeat!

Kathy Troidle

Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Anastasia is amazing woman who is able to teach implementation of out of the box strategies. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to bring their business to a new level. She clearly communicates her ideas and strategies for precise implementation.

Jana Martin

Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Anastasia created a rich marketing plan for us – packed with so many things we could do easily. We will be busy for weeks to come.

Syd Stewart – CEO
Dawn Clinical

Expert, Good Value, On Time

I consulted with Anastasia on a strategic document for a social commerce platform I am planning to launch and she was able to come back with relevant and valid questions and recommendations at an impressive level of detail and thoroughness.

Taylor Kwek – CEO

Friendly, outgoing, and follows through on what she says.

Anastasia Valentine is a highly motivated and creative product strategist, and marketer that I have worked with. She is friendly, outgoing, and follows through on what she says. If you are looking for a go-to person who can really launch your business idea, then Anastasia is your girl. She’ll make sure that she gets you and your business the exposure you need for success. I highly recommend her.

Kathleen Sullivan
The Savvy VA

Enthusiastic, flexible and insightful… I’d have no hesitation in working with her again.

I worked with Anastasia on a co-delivered webinar. From the first conversation she was enthusiastic, flexible and insightful. The webinar topic was on using ideation to drive innovation and Anastasia was able to leverage her experience and expertise to explain concepts and advantages very clearly. Great person to work alongside, I’d have no hesitation in working with her again.

Stephen Thompson – Executive Vice President
Ramius Corporation

I couldn’t have done it without her.

“The PR & Publicity Course by Anastasia from Sandbox was very informative, left me hands-on tools to use and as a bonus, Anastasia’s energy is contagious. She sent us off with the remark: “I want to see you all on TV within a month, you all have the tools to achieve that now.” Well, this remark kicked me into gear, I wrote a pitch letter to TV, radio and print media, sent it off on Tuesday at 11:05 am and had a confirmation of my first TV appearance by 11:12 am.

Was this course useful? I couldn’t have done it without her.”

Bettina Vollmerhausen, Founder