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Mentors and Muses

Everyone has mentors in their personal life and business. I have had incredible mentors who have radically changed the way I do business and manage my career. Whether it is front and center with a customer or group or behind the scenes business strategy, I have always made it a point to engage the smartest, most savvy and strategic mentors with demonstrated success.

What should YOU consider when looking for the ideal mentor?

Find someone who has indeed BEEN there and DONE that!

Your mentors need to have demonstrated success, great reputation and a solid track record in order to be able to give you the guidance you need. Research a potential mentors background. Ask around. Get Referrals. This will ensure you have the information you need to choosing the right mentor.

Two time, three time even four time! Have more than one mentor.

This isn’t two timing, or cheating but rather think of it as being able to assemble the DREAM TEAM to guide you in building your business or career. Try to choose people with different core competencies. Even if there is overlap, another perspective is ALWAYS a great idea.

Don’t abuse your muse.

Be respectful of their time. It is valuable and an investment on both of your parts. Mentors are not in the business of mentoring you and have other things on the go that probably taking higher priority. Optimize your time with them by being on time and reliable, being specific with your ask and having gratitude for their contribution to your success.

Don’t let your muse abuse you.

Mentoring is great opportunity to develop a relationship with someone you respect and admire. Like all relationships, sometimes they run their course and come to an end for a variety of reasons. If the relationship is no longer productive for either or both of you, end mentoring portion of the relationship without burning bridges and with grace and thanks.

When you are in a position to, pay it forward. Look for opportunities to mentor others.

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  1. How do you select your business mentors?
  2. Who are business people YOU recommend to follow and why?
  3. Have you ever mentored someone in business? What are key things a mentoree should know and do?

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